Underground Infrastructure to Look Out for – What to Check Before Digging

Underground InfrastructureWhen you have a digging project on your hand and you have to call 811, there’s a lot that the utility experts will have to check for before you are allowed to proceed with your digging project. This is precisely why calling 811 is considered so important, and why there are so many rules and regulations associated with digging.


Aside from the many threats that excavation can pose to nearby ecosystems because of its effect on the roots of trees and plants, there are many underground utilities that can be affected as well.


Water and gas pipes, internet cables and electric cables are just some of these utilities. Also, sewage pipes can be affected to a great extent, and you have to be careful not to allow your shovels or other digging equipment to touch any of these.


The typical course of action to take once you call 811 is to accept the experts into your yard and have them do a detailed survey, measure all the necessary distances and mark all the points where you have to avoid digging. Once every area that has underground infrastructure has been market, you will be free to continue with your excavation project to your heart’s desire.

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