Things to Remember Before Hiring a Hydro Excavation Service
Quick Tips Hydro Excavation Ease Construction

Hydro excavation is currently considered to be the best, most efficient excavation method, used extensively due to its extraordinary efficiency and also preferred for the safety of the method. Whether you need to excavate a large hole, such as a hole for the foundation of a building, or you need precise excavation to dig out a narrow and deep trench, hydro excavation is what you need. If you have never hired a hydro excavation Calgary company before, here are some of the things that you should pay attention to during the process:

  • The right type of equipment – hydrovac machines come in a variety of sizes and each of them has an excavation arm of a particular length. To make sure that the machine used on your site is suitable, prepare accurate information about the job to be performed and convey all those details to the company representative before the project starts.
  • Pick the right time – hydrovac machines are very sturdy, but, like any excavation work, the process is also best performed when the weather is nice.
  • Be prepared that all the utilities on your land will have to be stopped while the excavation is being performed – hydro excavation is a non-invasive method that is completely safe to perform even where there are underground utilities, but it is very important to take as many precaution measures as possible and to temporarily disconnect the utilities that might cause problems.