The Training You Need to Become a Genuine Hydrovac Expert

What You Need To Know To Become An Expert

As with everything, becoming a Hydrovac technician with experience at potholing companies is a goal that can be achieved through the proper training and knowledge. Hydrovac is one of the most advanced and effective excavation technologies used today, and knowing how to operate a hydro excavator can really come in handy, whether you want to be a contractor or to join a high profile construction company.


The best place to get the training you need is Hydrovac. The company offers some extensive training resources for future employees that you will definitely want to know about.


The first of these training resources includes about 50 hours of OSHA training and additional onsite training for industrial vacuuming, hydroblasting and confined space training. These three are in fact the main skills you will need as a Hydrovac operator:


  • You will have to know how to operate the hose and the water.
  • Industrial vacuuming skills will be needed for you to know how to remove the debris once it was blasted away by the water under pressure.
  • Additionally, Hydrovac also offers professional training to help technicians deal with confined spaces more efficiently and safely.


Additional safety and risk management training will also be offered, so that future Hydrovac operators and technicians can learn the best practices for safety and efficient excavation.