The Technology Behind a Hydrovac Truck
Hydrovac Truck Denver

Hydrovac trucks are more and more present on excavation sites, but they have many other applications too and are becoming more and more popular.

You may have seen them on job sites: large industrial trucks, with suction hoses and holding tanks. They look bulky, but they are very easy to operate and can be used even in tight areas, where traditional excavation tools would be useless.

Vacuum trucks are often used by municipalities, to handle liquid and sludge cleanup on a large scale (for example, in septic system maintenance). They are also the preferred method for exposing underground utility lines because there’s no risk to damage them as in the case of using traditional excavating tools.

Vacuum trucks are also very efficient when it comes to cleaning debris left from excavation or drilling jobs. Not least they can be successfully used in environmental disasters and rescue missions.

The technology behind a hydrovac truck Denver area is not so complicated. Two trained technicians are enough to use the machinery at its full capacity.

It uses highly pressurized water which can be heated, if necessary, to break any type of soil and even soft rocks. The resulting slur is then sucked up into the tank. It can be used for filling back the excavating hole or transported away.