The Science Behind the Best Vacuum Excavation Services
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Vacuum excavation services are currently among the most efficient and most environmentally friendly excavation techniques. They are so popular that you can see vacuum excavators being used everywhere, from civil engineering projects to residential and commercial construction projects, and everything in between. If you are planning to start a construction project and you need an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly digging technique, here is how vacuum excavation works:

  • What is a vacuum excavator – vacuum excavators are special trucks that feature equipment to generate compressed air delivered onto the ground to excavate holes. They have powerful vacuums used for the extraction of the debris that is left after the excavation of building foundations or other types of digging.
  • The technology – the vacuum excavation process starts with the creation of a small hole, first with the help of compressed air, then the hole is made larger through the continued application of air, and the excavation hose starts removing below the surface materials.
  • The benefits of vacuum excavation – the most important feature that accounts for the popularity of vacuum excavation services Denver area includes superior efficiency that makes it possible to dig out very large holes in a very short time.