The Science Behind a Hydrovac Truck
Technology behind hydrovac truck excavation process

Hydro vac trucks vary in size capacity and design, but they work by the same principle. Here are some key points:

  • The major components – hydrovac trucks are in many ways like large and powerful conventional trucks, but they are equipped with a separate water tank, a vacuum generator, a water pump and a separate debris tank. Hydrovac trucks are also equipped with very long arms that make them suitable for digging in areas where conventional excavators could not go in;
  • The principle – A hydrovac truck Denver area does not use mechanical digging to move the soil. What they do is to generate pressurized water and apply that water onto the soil. When the water under pressure hits the soil, the soil is transformed into a wet slurry that is then extracted by the hydro vac machine with the help of industrial grade vacuum;
  • The benefits – hydrovac excavation offers numerous benefits over conventional methods. Hydrovac is a non-invasive technique that allows for digging in areas where there might be hidden underground utilities that should not be dug into. The method is also very clean – when the process is complete the excavation site is free from debris and ready for the next work phase.