The Practical Benefits of Using Hydrovac for Common Excavating Tasks
old way of digging new way hydrovac excavation

Hydrovac services are becoming increasingly popular not only for large construction projects, but also for smaller digging jobs, such as excavation to create a small fountain. Here are some of the benefits that makes the technology so much sought after:

superior efficiency – hydrovac trucks are very efficient and able to dig out even large holes in a time that is a fraction of the time needed with other methods. This also means that hydrovac digging can shorten the time needed for project completion and through that, the machines can save a lot of money;

safety – another great practical benefit of using hydrovac Calgary offers is the superior safety offered by the technology. Hydrovac is a non-invasive method that does not involve any mechanical digging, therefore it is safe to use around underground utilities and sensitive plants. The method is so safe that it is actually used for daylighting, the process of revealing underground utility fives and lines;

A clean jobsite – the hydro vac technology involves not only the efficient breaking down of the soil, but also the simultaneous extraction of the slurry. This means that when the hydro vac truck is finished, the job side will be clean and ready for the next project phase.