The Physics Involved in Operating a Hydrovac Truck

Construction Site Excavation Hydrovac Truck

More and more businesses are searching for environmentally friendly solutions nowadays, where protecting the environment has elevated to a top concern. Thus, hydrovac excavation is becoming a popular option across various industries. Hydrovac is a method of excavation that exposes subsurface lines by removing soil. It is safer and more effective than the old-fashioned approach because it solely uses water jets and air vacuum.

How does a hydrovac truck Denver area operate to complete the excavation procedure?

The two primary components that hydrovac vehicles are supplied with in order to execute excavation are the high-pressure water hose and the suction hose. Additionally, these machineries are also equipped with big volume storage tanks.

Using highly pressurized water loosens and transforms the soil’s particles into a slurry. The liquid solution is then drawn into the tank through the vacuum hose. This way, the subsurface pipelines and other utility lines are gradually revealed.

This entire technology behind a hydrovac truck is easy to operate, requiring only 1-2 trained technicians, which also makes it cost-effective.

It is interesting to know that powerful hydrovac trucks are capable of excavating up to 60 feet deep. They may also excavate 600 feet away from where they are located. Even the most difficult surface type, such as frozen soil, can be excavated using hydrovac trucks.