The Many Advantages of Hydro Excavation: Can Hydrovac Work During the Winter?


Cold Hard Ground In Winter

You probably already know that hydro excavation is a very efficient means of getting some high precision digging work done without damaging any underground infrastructure. Because hydrovac trucks use water under pressure, and because the water pressure can be adjusted according to the hardness of the ground and any other important parameters associated with the project, hydro excavation is one of the best alternatives to using even the most modern and advanced excavators in the world.


In winter conditions, it is widely known that most excavators can’t do their job. The ground is often frozen and too hard to penetrate, so work is stalled until conditions improve, or it’s necessary to use a larger, more powerful tool that also costs a lot and might damage some underground utility lines if they’re present.


Hydro excavation presents an alternative to that course of action. Because hydrovac trucks are fitted with high powered heaters that can heat up the water before drilling it into the ground, the result is that the frozen earth can be softened, and the high pressure of the water can easily penetrate it. You’ll find hydrovac to be the most effective means of getting construction services for potholing companies and others and landscaping work done during the winter, or of reaching damaged underground infrastructure lines for repair purposes.