The Lesser Known Details and Issues with Potholing
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Potholing or daylighting is a method of detecting utility lines that aren’t documented. Since nobody knows exactly where they are, the only safe way to find them is by digging holes to detect them. For that purpose, traditional excavators and shovels simply won’t cut it. In the past, they were used for the task because there were no other available methods. However, with the advent of vacuum and especially hydrovac excavating technologies, daylighting became far more accessible and easy to handle than before.

The risks of using regular excavation means are pretty clear:

  • You might damage the utility line, causing an extensive setback that might also cost you a lot of money.
  • The workers aren’t as safe, especially when the use of shovels is also required.
  • The work will take longer and be less accurate. There is a greater risk, for example, of hitting and damaging underground tree roots on the way as well.

With dependable potholing companies Denver area and the use of their hydrovac truck, all these issues are avoided. Hydro excavation creates accurately placed and sized potholes by blasting away the soil around utility lines and leaving any pipes and cables undamaged. Moreover, the technique is also faster, easier to use, safer for workers and more eco-friendly as well.