The Best Time of the Year to Visit Denver

Denver is an extraordinary city, with lots to see and to do all year around, but if you want to pick the best time for your visit, a period when it is not too cold and not too hot outside, when everything is green, when the city is not yet crowded by tourists and accommodation prices are still low, you should probably pick the end of spring or early summer.

The Mile-High City is at its very best from April through June. You should expect to get some rainy days, but Denver is beautiful in the rain, too. The temperature outside typically stays in the mid-50 – low-60 range during the period, with a gradual rise toward June, preparing for the heavy rainfall and the high temperatures that characterize July.

The April-to-June period is the best for enjoying the city without having to endure the crowd. The tourist season is far from its peak during the period, but the city hosts lots of great events that you can enjoy and when you don’t feel like spending time outside, you can always find a museum to visit, a theatre show to go to or a great restaurant or foodie tour to join.

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