The Benefits of Daylighting Excavation
Daylighting Service Construction Benefits Excavation

Daylighting is a very practical process that really doesn’t get enough attention. While other excavation techniques and methods are known by many people, daylighting tends to go unnoticed, despite the fact that it’s one of the most useful and essential techniques available.

To put it simply, daylighting (also known as potholing) is a method of digging through terrain to find hidden utility lines that are not accounted for. Experts use either vacuum excavation or a hydrovac truck for the process, depending on how extensive the work is. While the risks of striking a utility line are quite high when using conventional excavation means, the use of hydrovac or vacuum excavation minimizes those risks considerably.

However, it’s very important to note the benefits of daylighting itself, even when conventional methods of excavation are used. It can not only help detect hidden utility lines, but also assist with mapping underground instability around your property, detecting for instance, the presence of areas where the soil is unstable. That’s very important, for instance, if you want to add secondary structures and buildings to your property, and you don’t want them to drop into the ground.

The use of daylighting is also important for the simple fact that hitting a utility line during a large scale excavation project can lead you to end up with legal trouble, delay your project and cause your company to lose a lot of money. With a good daylighting Denver service, all those risks can be avoided.