Staying Safe On A Construction Site

Construction And Utility Digging Safety TipsStaying safe on a construction site depends on the way requirements and obligations are respected by employers and workers alike. Anyone on a construction site must be properly trained about the necessary safety measures.


  • Requirements on the stability of the construction site

Materials, equipment and any element/ accessory that may, in any way, affect workers` safety must be properly secured and stored. Access to any dangerous surface, as well as access to dangerous tools and substances is not permitted unless workers wear adequate equipment.  When breaking ground for utility digging be sure to define existing utilities in the area.

  • Requirements for energy distribution facilities

Electric installations must be designed, built and operated in such a way that they do not present fire or explosion hazards and that workers are protected against the risk of direct/ indirect electric shock.

  • Requirements on emergency routes and exits

Emergency routes and exits have to be free at any time and lead to a secure area. In the event of danger, any construction site must be able to be evacuated rapidly and in maximum safety conditions.

  • Fire detection and extinction requirements

Fire extinguishers, fire detectors as well as alarm systems must be maintained and checked every now and then, to ensure they function properly when they are needed. Non-automated fire extinguishing devices must be accessible and easy to handle.