Staying Safe On A Construction Site

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1. The falls
Falls are among the most common causes of serious injuries occurring on construction sites, accounting for about 40% of them. Always inspect the site to identify potential risks. Never work in an area of the site where there are no protective systems.

2. Scaffolding
About 65% of the workers on construction sites work on scaffolding. Those who work on or around the scaffolds are at risk of falling and hitting caused by uninsured objects against falling.
Never work on scaffolding covered with ice, water, mud or snow. Also make sure that you do not exceed the maximum allowable weight on the scaffold and do not leave materials up there, at the end of your shift.

3. Ladders
Incorrect use of mobile ladders is also potentially dangerous. The reasons for the falls may be related to the incorrect choice of the ladder, its lack of security and the worker`s attempt to grab tools or materials while being on the ladder. You must make sure that you have 3 points of permanent contact when you climb the ladder: 2 legs and 1 hand, or 2 hands and 1 leg.

4. Personal protective equipment
While on site, wearing basic protective equipment is mandatory: helmet, protective clothing and footwear, gloves, glasses.  Staying out of the way of big construction equipment and hydrovac truck operations and operating them safely is a must.