Some Places of Exceptional Natural Beauty Found in Canada

Natural Outdoor Beauty

Canada is unique in many ways, the richness of its natural assets being something that never ceases to amaze. Cascades, forests, mountains, rivers and planes, wildlife of unparalleled diversity are all there for the visitor to explore – here are some of the most special sites to visit:

  • Alberta and the Aurora Borealis – there are very few places in the world when the phenomenon known as Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is more spectacular than in Canada’s Alberta region. The best time to see the green lights moving gracefully on the night sky is winter;
  • The Singing Sand on Prince Edward Island – the sand on the beaches of the island’s Basin Head emits a unique, soothing sound, similar to soft whistling. The causes of the phenomenon have not yet been revealed, but the experience is undeniably exhilarating;
  • Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick – the layout of the area features special rock formations with trees growing on the tops and the waters are crystal clear, allowing visitors to see the bottom of the sea clearly even at the deepest points, the hydro excavation in Canada companies work to preserve the natural beauty;
  • Algonquin Provincial Park – the oldest natural park in Canada can be explored climbing, hiking or paddling on one of its countless waters;
  • The Niagara Falls – perhaps the most famous of all the natural wonders in Canada, the Niagara is made up of three huge cascades and it allows visitors to witness the unique site of 168,000 cubic meters of water falling each minute.