Slot Trenching with Hydro Excavation

slot trenching utility digging construction

Slot trenching is a technique used for exposing buried utilities as well as for installing posts, signs etc. It can be safely done by using hydro excavation, which is a technique that does not disturb soil or the surrounding material. Besides, it can be safely used where heavy machinery is not permitted.

Underground utilities need to be exposed now and then, for checkups and repairs, and slot trenching does that after cleaning the area and confirming the exact location of the utilities, it’s a great way to accomplish utility digging. By using hydro excavation, the entire process is much safer, and the risk for accidents and injuries is almost eliminated. The result is a precise hole, efficiently dug, without damaging the utility of the area around it.

The work site also becomes a safer environment, free of debris and of the general mess associated with traditional digging sites.  Hydro excavation uses water at high pressure for breaching the soil and digging in a controlled manner. There is also an air vacuum feature,designed to evacuate the soil resulted from excavation and move it to tank attached to the hydrovac truck.

Slot trenching by taking advantage of the benefits of hydro excavation is definitely less time consuming as well as significantly more efficient and safer than traditional methods of excavation.