Skills Needed for Hydro Excavation Employees

Water Hydrodig Excavation Skills

Hydrovac excavators are large, high capacity water excavation machines that can be used for hauling large amounts of soil as well as for precision work, therefore the operators who work on them need a vast and very specific skill set – here are some details about the requirements:

  • Valid licenses to prove the employee’s ability to use the machine and their experience in operating vacuum trucks and/or hydrovac trucks;
  • Being able to work in confined spaces – hydrovac machines are huge, but the operator’s cabin is not, so hydro excavation employees need to be able to concentrate and to focus in such small spaces;
  • Being able to work at heights – hydrovac machines are quite tall as well, therefore not suitable for people afraid of heights;
  • Excellent communication skills – hydrovac operators need to collaborate with the members of the construction team, therefore great communication skills are essential;
  • Excellent knowledge of the machine – hydrovac machines use complex settings that a good hydrovac operator needs to be familiar with;
  • Willingness to travel – hydrovac machines are either owned by large construction companies that work on construction sites located in various areas or by companies that offer the equipment with or without the operator for rent, therefore a hydrovac operator must be ready to spend time away from home, working on remote plots of land.