Signs You’d Be A Great Hydro Excavation Worker

Utility Digging Excavation WorkerHydro-excavation is a very precise, safe and efficient technology, which utilizes high-pressure water and vacuum to dig through the earth and remove the soil from a certain area like utility digging and foundation digging.

Hydro-excavators do not have an easy job. They have to operate large trucks that include all this technology (control systems, blowers, pumps etc.), as well as maintain them to ensure proper functionality each time they are used to locate buried utilities, clean out potholes, dig foundations etc.

To become a hydro excavation worker, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as commercial driver’s license and clean driving record. You must also be willing to go through the required education and training to obtain OHSA 10 Certificate, H2S Certificate and computer skills. If you are interested in attending training sessions and seminars, as well as educational classes required by this job, you have the chance to become a good hydro excavation worker. There are also some skills and abilities that show whether you are made for this job or not: operating heavy equipment and machines, performing maintenance operations on the hydrovac equipment, working according to a schedule and finishing a project in time, working in a team and communicating efficiently, as well as handling stress in challenging situations.