Quality Excavation Solutions for Dealing with Frozen Soil
Excavation Solutions Vacuum Services

Construction projects don’t stop in winter, even though many of the processes involved, including excavation, are more difficult among low temperature conditions. Fortunately, modern technology has come up with an ingenious solution for safe and efficient excavation into frozen soil: hydrovac. Here are some important features of the process:

  • The hydrovac method – hydro excavation is performed with the help of powerful trucks that deliver pressurized water to break the soil in the digging area and vacuum to extract the resulting slurry. The method is efficient and safe at the same time: the water applied at high pressure is strong, but it is not able to damage any utilities hidden underground, therefore the process does not involve the risk of accidents that conventional digging entail and the simultaneous application of vacuum to extract the waste leaves the job site clean;

  • How vacuum excavation services Denver offers are used to dig into frozen soil – the hydrovac machines used among icy conditions have a heating module that they use for heating the water to be delivered by the machine. The hot water delivered by the machine works the same way as the unheated water used among warmer conditions, with the important difference is that it also thaws the soil that it gets into contact with. The resulting slurry is also sufficiently warm to maintain liquid consistency until it is deposited in the special waste collection container.