Protecting Your Construction Site From Severe Weather

How To Protect Construction SitesFor the unfavorable influences of climatic factors on the construction activity, everyone involved is responsible: the investor, the designer and the performer. They are all obliged to work closely together, to establish all the necessary measures and ensure the continuity of the activities in a safe way.

Planning the execution for construction works is fundamental and should take into account the potential undesirable effects caused by severe weather, this is especially true for potholing companies working within construction projects.

Respect for safety rules in unfavorable weather conditions is a top priority. Low temperature, snow, wind, lack of light and other conditions increase the risk of accidents, by creating a difficult environment for the workers to carry out their activity properly. As a consequence, work safety measures must be applied rigorously.

Primordial is the instruction of the workers, with regard to the labor protection rules specific to severe weather, with emphasis on safety being the responsibility of everyone.

Also, the use of special equipment, suitable for difficult conditions, humidity and strong winds, limiting or even avoiding exposure to extremely cold temperatures, the implementation of safe working practices, the existence of temporary shelters, as well as monitoring the weather – they all increase safety on a construction site.

During severe weather phenomena, materials should be stored in accordance with the manufacturing regulations, in dry places, to preserve their quality. Frost, thaw, moisture – they affect the properties of materials and limit their applicability. Using poor quality materials generates health and safety risks and may cause significant economic losses through recovery costs.