Projects Requiring Vacuum Excavation Services
Beginning Construction Project  Hydrovac Truck Help

A vacuum excavation truck is a very useful machinery that incorporates the technology necessary to perform an entire excavation project on its own.  Compared to traditional excavation tools, a vacuum truck is much safer and faster, and it keeps the working site cleaner.

Breaking apart soil, soft rocks and even frozen ground is possible because this machinery uses pressurized water, which can be heated, as well as a power vacuum to suck up the resulted debris. It is complex and versatile, but it can be by operated simply and efficiently buy only a couple of trained technicians.

There are many different types of projects that can be done very conveniently, using vacuum excavation services.

Utility potholing

There are many types of underground utilities – electricity lines, gas pipes, water pipes, communication lines and so on. Sometimes, these lines need to be exposed in order to be examined or repaired.

With traditional excavation methods, there was always the risk of damaging them, but using a hydrovac truck Denver area for excavation is perfectly safe.

Debris removal

A hydrovac truck can also be used to clean up areas from debris and other messy things such as water or mud slurry. The cleaning process will be quick, safe and easy.

Cleaning out drains

Drains are notorious for getting clogged, but the hose that a hydrovac truck is equipped with can be used to clean out drainage systems and dispose the slurry.