Preparing Your Project for Hydroexcavation

Hydrodig Services For Construction Projects

If you are planning to use hydroexcavation and potholing services on your construction site, you probably want everything to go smoothly. There are two ways to use the technology: you can either rent the equipment, case in which the process is cheaper, but you will need to prepare the ground for using the equipment and you will need your own staff that can handle the excavator or you can hire an entire hydrovac team and they will take care of everything related to using the machine. If you choose the first solution, here are some things that you need to do to ensure the safety of your project and to make the ground suitable for hydrovac:

  • Discuss all aspect of the project with the hydrovac company to find out about the permits necessary for the project;
  • Use existent maps and blueprints to mark the area where you think utility lines are running to inform the operator of the hydrovac machine and to make moving around safe;
  • Clean the ground of weeds to allow the hydrovac machine sufficient space to park and to move around;
  • Stop all electricity and other utilities that lead to the construction site to prevent any dangerous situations, such as accidents.