Potholing For Utilities – How Safe Is This Operation?
Safe Potholing Companies Excavation

Potholing is a method used in the utility industry and it involves digging small holes in the ground, in order to reach underground utilities and mark their location. This is very necessary to make sure that the existing underground infrastructure will not interfere with the excavation or construction project that happens in the same area, above the ground.

In the past, potholing for utilities used to be done using traditional excavating tools, but there was always the risk of damaging them and causing a disaster.

Nowadays this operation can be done by one of the potholing companies Denver has with maximum safety, using hydro vac excavation, which is a modern digging method, with no damage potential.

Hydro excavation is performed using a hydrovac truck, which is a large machinery, but surprisingly flexible and efficient. The technology incorporated in it is based on using high pressurized water to break up the soil, and a power vacuum to suck up the debris and store it safely, at least until the job is done and the hole is filled back.

Considering that there is no way to hit mechanically an underground utility line or pipe, when using hydrovac excavation, potholing projects will be perfectly safe and contractors will no longer have to worry about the potential of creating a disaster and paying for it.