Potholing for Site Preparation and Utility Mapping – What You Need to Know
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Underground utilities can pose a great hazard to workers. It is difficult and dangerous to excavate without knowing the exact location of the utility. But new methods such as potholing allow safe digging.

What is utility potholing?

Also known as “daylighting,” this excavating process involves drilling a series of small test holes to pinpoint buried utilities. Potholing can be done by a hydrovac truck which incorporates the necessary technology to do the entire job in the most clean and safe manner.

Potholing can tell a lot about underground utilities such as their horizontal position, depth, line type and whether there are signs of damage.

Today, more and more work teams routinely use the potholing method to avoid impacts on water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, and fiber optic lines, and to keep projects on budget and on schedule. Potholing is also an effective method for other applications that require excavation, such as installing signage, placing utility poles or installing a fence.

Both hydro and vacuum excavation are excellent solutions for potholing. These methods use pressurized water or air vacuum power to quickly move any type of soil. This gives operators a clear view of underground features. During the works, the site remains clean, without all the excavation debris specific to traditional worksites, which is another particular advantage that ensures more safety and precision. If you are looking for one of the Denver potholing companies, Hydrodig of Denver offers great services to save you time and money in the excavation process.