Potholing and Daylighting for Construction Projects
Denver construction projects 2023 Potholing

Potholing or daylighting represents digging the ground to expose essential underground construction elements such as cables, utilities, and other structures. The purpose of using this high technology is to determine the exact position of the underground elements, including the horizontal or vertical details.

The traditional way of exposing utility lines was with the help of a backhoe, and that proved to be much less precise, to be sure, especially given the heavy weight and size that this type of machinery typically has.

Apart from using the backhoe, another commonly used method was manual digging. But this method certainly is time-consuming and much less efficient. The need for Potholing Denver construction makes use of hydrovac trucks. During the process of digging, the utility lines are constantly checked for any signs of cracks, scratches, or other forms of deterioration.

Productivity levels remain high when you use potholing for construction projects so that you can rest assured that the project will be completed in a reasonable amount of time and without the constraints of having to be extra cautious not to damage the critical underground pieces.

Apart from exposing utility lines, potholing can be used for trenching, precise drilling, engineering at the subsurface utility level, and so on.