New Technology in The Hydro Excavation Industry

Hydro Excavation New Technology ExcavationHydro-excavation, also known as no-suction digging, is a relatively new technology that is used by many industry segments to excavate in areas where mechanical digging would be dangerous due to the presence of unmapped underground utilities or where the goal of the excavation process is to create holes or trenches that are very narrow and deep.

The first hydrovac machines were used in the 19th century, in mines. The equipment included a large steam engine that pumped pressurized water into the ground to break up the ground to extract the minerals from the mines. By the 1970’s, large sewer cleaners and vacuum trucks were adapted to deliver even higher pressures to pump the water, then the technology for simultaneously extracting the generated slurry was also developed and implemented.

Hydrovac machines today are able not only to break down the soil in the excavation area, to extract the resulting debris and to create very deep and narrow trenches without hurting buried utility lines or the roots of the trees in the area – they can also use warm the water used, thus making it possible to dig into frozen earth. Development is likely to continue in the direction of improved efficiency, through even more powerful engines and enhanced precision.  For hydro-excavation and potholing services, go to