Maximizing Efficiency with Hydro Excavation for Potholing

Potholing is perhaps one of the best methods to reveal underground utilities, which is very important for starting any building project. Before breaking the ground, it is essential to ensure that no damage is done to important parts of the assembly, like if utility lines already exist below the ground.

Excavators typically excavate in depth, with the help of air or water excavating trucks, which soften the soil and thus make it possible not to bring any deterioration to the underlying elements which are so vital for the well-functioning of a house or commercial building.

The configuration of the nozzle is a crucial detail to take care of. And particularly in the case of air excavators, it is imperative not to let the nozzle touch the ground, as this can be detrimental to the whole process.

A great thing about hydro excavation is that it can be used on various soil types, including clay, compacted soil, and hard soil. However, it is imperative to follow the best practices regarding water conservation while using this effective method for potholing.

Water excavation makes the potholing faster and less complicated, exposing utilities in a concise amount of time. It also removes the soil much faster and safely. Contacting one of the potholing companies Denver has available should be the first thing you do for your construction project to make ease of the excavation that needs to happen.