Make Your Life Easier with Hydrovac Services
Hydrovac Services Calagary Burying Pipe Conduit

When we hear the word “excavation”, we still picture in our head those traditional digging methods which used to be tedious and back-breaking, not to mention slow and potentially destructive. Nowadays, we have hydrovac services, which represent a much more valuable solution, safe and affordable.

The main reason to give hydrovac a try is because it will make your life a lot easier.

But what exactly is hydrovac excavation?

Hydrovac is a type of excavation performed with a special truck that incorporates an entire technology designed to use pressurized water (cold or heated) to displace and remove soil. The debris will be safely stored into a special tank and it can be used to fill back the excavated hole, or moved away to another location. This way, the excavating site will remain clean and safer for the workers.

There are many different applications for hydrovac services Calgary has that include exposing underground utilities, soil trenching, removing debris, excavating pile holes and, no least, diffing in cold weather and frozen soil.

With hydrovac excavation, the need for manual labor and primitive excavating tools is eliminated.

Hydro excavation is non-destructive, the underground utilities will be safe, the excavation work will be performed quickly and there will be no downtime.