Keep Your Eye on the Ground: How Do Soil Types Really Impact Hydro-Excavation?

hydrovac think safety before start digging

As the name would suggest, hydro-excavation is the use of water to dig through soil. While still somewhat of a beginning technology, it’s already being used quite extensively throughout the country, and many experts believe it to be the way of the future when it comes to excavating efficiently and avoiding the damage of underground infrastructure.


However, it’s also important to note that, because of water’s physical properties, even high pressure can be ineffective in drilling through certain types of soil. While hydro-excavation is very effective when it comes to dealing with hard, rocky soil, clay soil and a variety of tightly compacted types of soil that would be hard to handle with any other equipment, experience shows that loosely compacted soil and soil present in areas with a high electric charge should be handled with vacuum excavation, which is ideally suited for these types of terrains.


Nevertheless, even if some types of soils make the job of hydro-excavation companies more difficult, it’s safe to say that a good hydrovac truck Denver system can drill through just about anything. Even when the winter comes and the soil is already hardened due to low temperature, hydro excavation is the only method that can push through it efficiently.