Is Water Recycled During Hydro-Excavation?

recycle water hydro excavation

Hydro-excavation comes with numerous benefits over more conventional excavation methods, such as fast and efficient task completion, safe, non-invasive excavation that can reveal even unknown underground utilities without posing the risk of accidents.

The hydrovac process uses pressurized water to move the soil and vacuum to extract the resulting mud, which raises the obvious question whether the slurry generated by excavation stage is recycled. Unfortunately, hydrovac trucks not yet recycle the water in the extracted material, what’s more, the slurry poses many difficulties, such as requiring hydrovac companies to transport the heavy material over long distances to find a suitable dumping site. Fortunately, there are several companies that have understood the importance of working out efficient recycling solutions for hydrovac slurry and they now provide services of taking over hydrovac waste along with the related tasks and responsibilities. These vacuum excavation services Denver has include dewatering the hydrovac slurry, extracting and separating the different types of solid content in the waste, such as clay and sand and recycling the water to make it suitable for being reused in hydrovac trucks for the next project. In some cases, hydrovac slurry might contain dangerous contaminants, such as heavy metals or harmful chemicals that are also removed and adequately treated during the waste treatment process.