Is Vacuum Excavation Better Than Hydro Excavation?

Best Option Hydrovac Excavation

Our present-day world offers great technological advancements, which can certainly simplify our lives and make our work faster and more effective. This also goes for excavation methods. In this respect, we may be wondering if hydrovac services Colorado offers are better than hydro excavation.

Each one of these two methods is excellent for drilling, excavating and finding the exact location of utility lines, which can ensure that no damage is done to them and that the work is actually performed in a safe and sense-making way.

Both vacuum excavation and hydro excavation imply the use of pressurized jets, either of water, or of air, in order to break up the soil. This soil is then sucked up, in order to clear the area. Due to these high-tech methods, any kind of damage to utilities or any type of on-site injury can be avoided.

At any rate, the main benefit of vacuum excavation is the fact that the ground is dug up with the help of water or air, not with metal tools. Because of that, workers can feel safer, whereas utility lines or other important parts of your structure do not get deteriorated.

Air excavation is more recommended than hydro excavation in case the digging has to be done in the proximity of electrical lines.