Is Vacuum Excavation Better Than Hiring Hydrovac Services?
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Vacuum excavation and hydrovac for pipeline services Denver offers are two of the most advanced digging techniques used today. While both are very efficient, there are certain important differences between the two that make each of them suitable for particular tasks more than the other. Here are some key aspects:

  • The source of power for the excavation – both vacuum excavation and hydro vac are non-invasive methods that leave the job side completely clean after the debris generated during the digging has been extracted with the help of vacuum. The difference between the two methods is, however, very significant: while welcome excavation uses pressurised air to move the soil and to create the desired hole, hydro vac uses pulverised water to do the same;
  • Usage – both vacuum excavation and hydro vac are suitable for creating potholes and trenches where conventional excavators could not do the job. However, the scope of usage of hydro vac trucks is somewhat larger, given that the digging technique using pulverised water is suitable for excavating on frozen ground as well. If the power of water were not enough to thaw the ground, today constructors can use special hydro vac trucks equipped with a heating assembly that warms up the water to be pulverised onto the soil.