Is Hydrovac Excavation Really Faster Than Conventional Excavation Methods?
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One of the most important aspects that determines decisions when it comes to choosing construction technologies is time – the longer a building process is, the more costs the process involves. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to complete the building work as quickly as possible. One of the first and most laborious parts of any construction is the creation of the hole for the foundation or of the other holes needed for the building process. There are several technologies available to accomplish excavation work, one of them being manual excavation, the slowest and most complicated method of them all. Then there is excavation with the help of conventional excavators and the fastest technology available today: hydro excavation. Most experts agree that the hydro vac process is about 10 times faster than digging with an excavator. Here is why:

  • The combined power of water and vacuum – hydro vac machines pulverize water at high pressure onto the ground to breakdown the soil and they simultaneously extract the created slurry to deposit the matter in a special container. The process is not only very quick, but completely safe for the job site as well as for the crew;
  • No time needed for cleaning the jobsite – as the hydro vac machine extracts the wet debris from the hole, when the digging process is complete, the jobsite will be completely clean, so there will be no need to spend time removing the debris. So for all your utility digging Denver area needs hydro excavation is the way to go.