Is Hydro Excavation A Better Option Than Regular Excavation?
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Shortly, yes, it is! Hydro excavation is a modern technology incorporated into a machinery known as a hydrovac truck, which does it all: it breaks even the most difficult soil types (clay, frozen etc.), it moves the resulted debris into a special tank, leaving the excavation site clean, it is quick, safe and resource-saving.

Traditional excavation involved rudimentary and/ or bulky tools, such as shovels, backhoes etc. They did their job and they can still do it, but they involve risks and higher costs and resources, so they are expected to slowly be replaced by hydrovac and other modern utility digging Denver techniques.

Hydro excavation is very precise and safe for the buried utilities. It is quite easy to accidentally hit an underground pipe with a backhoe`s loader, even if it was previously located and marked. In this case, the damage is imminent and may involve downtime and high repair costs. But if you “hit” a pipe with the high-pressurized water jet of a hydrovac truck, it will be fine! That`s why hydro excavation is now the preferred method for potholing and daylighting.

Other hydrovac applications include sign and light pole location and installation, mains exposure, confined digging, utility repairs, landscaping and more.

This method is also cost effective, considering the safety and resource-saving options it provides.