Is DIY Potholing a Good Idea?
DIY Potholing NO

Potholing is the job of making holes that are not supposed to be there except for the duration of a project such as installing a mailbox or planting a tree. You should know, right from the start, that DIY potholing is not exactly a brilliant idea, as it can easily turn into a recipe for disaster. 

Let’s dig into this holey debate and explore whether you should grab a shovel or call in the pros.

The shovel showdown

DIY enthusiasts might be tempted to grab a shovel and take matters into their own hands. After all, it is just digging a hole, right? Well, not quite. Potholing is not your average backyard project. It requires precision, and one wrong move can lead to unintended consequences. Imagine digging up more than you bargained for, like your water line or electrical cables. Now that’s a shocking surprise!

Pro power play

On the flip side, professionals are masters of potholing. They have the right tools and expertise to pothole without pitfalls. They will locate utility lines with precision, ensuring you will not accidentally summon the plumber or electrician.

The comedy of errors

DIY potholing can turn into a tragicomedy. Imagine hitting a gas line, and suddenly your backyard becomes a firework show. It is surely a spectacle no one wants to see!

So, unless you are an experienced pro, it is like trying to juggle flaming torches – entertaining until it goes wrong. Just save the drama for a Netflix series and let the experts handle the digging work!