Is Air Excavation Better Than Hydro Excavation During Warmer Months?
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Hydro excavation and the digging method that uses air are the two most advanced excavation techniques used today. While the two are similar in that they both use the power of an element to breakdown the soil, they are also very different. While many people consider the applications that use water to be superior in terms of efficiency to our excavation methods, there are a lot of other aspects to consider when deciding which one of the two would work better for your summer digging project. Here are some of those aspects:

  • The features of the project – if your digging project requires you to backfilll, then hydro excavation will not be suitable for you for the simple reason that the technology involves the application of pressurized water onto the soil and generate wet debris unsuitable for backfilling;
  • The availability of water – hydro vac trucks use recycled water, so the burden they caused to the environment is kept at the minimum, but the trucks need to travel do a side where they can get the water they need. This also means that whether or not hydro excavation is the best method for you also depends on the distance between the jobsite and the site where the recycled water is available;
  • The size of the jobsite – the excavation techniques that use water or more suitable for digging out very large holes, while our excavation might work better for smaller job sites. one of the daylighting services Denver has to offer for more information on what method you should use for your excavation process.