Is a Hydrovac Truck Easy to Manage?
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Hydro excavation is the process of creating holes in the ground not with the help of mechanical digging, but by combining the power of pressurised water and vacuum. Hydrovac machines are equipped with a unit that delivers water onto the ground under a certain, predefined pressure and a vacuum generator attached to a hose that extracts the slurry resulting after the soil has been broken down by the water.

Hydrovac trucks are available in a variety of sizes, from very small ones to extremely large vehicles. Some trucks can travel on the road, while others need to be transported. The operator off the truck needs to carry the right permit obtained after having attended a course where they learn how to operate and manage the hydrovac truck. Hydrovac machines serve special purposes, which means that they are equipped with lots of special functionalities and controls. These controls are there to make the life of the operator easy – the machine hardly needs any human physical power, it can do everything needed with the help of the controls. However, a hydrovac truck Denver location operation still requires a large skill set as well as knowledge of the machine – without this kind of knowledge, the operator would not be able to choose the most adequate digging settings for the job to be done.