Industries Where Hydro Excavation is Used

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Hydro excavation is currently the safest way to perform pipeline services Denver area projects because it does not involve chemicals, heavy machines or other threats to the workers and the environment.  Equipment used in hydro excavation is very efficient and easy to operate, contributing to the success of the project, saving time, effort and money.

Although it is costlier than traditional excavation, the advantages brought by hydro excavation make it the best option for many Industries.


Construction industry is responsible for most of the excavation projects, because they are necessary in the construction of residential houses, commercial establishment and industrial facilities. Using hydro excavation makes everything faster and cost-efficient, especially when it comes to large construction sites.


There are networks of pipelines and sewers installed underground.  Installing them as well as maintaining and repairing them require digging. Traditional digging options can cause mechanical damage, but with hydro excavation, digging is not destructive anymore.


Many landscaping project involve digging holes for planting trees, installing fences etc.  This operations are not safe unless the area is marked for underground utilities or the landscaper uses  hydro excavation.