Improving Productivity With Hydro Excavation

Productivity With Hydrodig ExcavationThere are many challenges utility contractors must face nowadays, one of them being navigating through the congested subsurface work area, without causing any damage to underground utilities.

If a pipe or line is damaged, there are consequences: hazardous substance leaks, downtime, costly repairs etc. Hydro excavation by companies such as Hydrodig is a modern, safe and very efficient alternative to traditional excavation. It is the best solution utility contractors that want to perform the job on time, on budget and to work safely even in the most challenging conditions. In this context, hydro excavation greatly improves productivity.

A hydrovac truck uses pressurized water to break the soil, as well as a vacuum system to collect debris. The water washes safely over buried utilities, without damaging them, and the digging project will be ready in no time. Consequently, the costs are lowered, and the project margins – increased.

Hydrovac trucks are more and more present on construction sites. Some people still see them only as added project cost, but their benefits are unmatched by any other digging method, so they are economic in the long run, by getting more done in less time and by reducing considerably all kind of risks (accidents, personal injuries etc.).