Hydrovac Truck vs. Excavator: Which One Is Better?
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Turning to a service that uses a hydro vac truck or that creates the expected hole with the help of an excavator are the two major options for digging jobs. The two methods are very different in terms of efficiency and suitability – here are some things that you should know about the two solutions:

  • Aspects related to safety – while conventional excavators use a large head made from steel to dig into the soil and to create the desired hole, hydro vac machines do not use any mechanical power, creating the necessary hole with the help of pulverized water and extracting the slurry with the help of a vacuum. Consequently, conventional excavators can only be used in areas where there are surely no underground utilities and cables hidden, while hydro vac trucks can be used anywhere, even in potentially dangerous areas, where there might be electricity cables or gas pipes hidden underground.
  • Aspects related to efficiency – while excavators dig out the hole required for the process; they create a large pile of soil elsewhere, usually in an area close to the digging site. Hydro vac trucks, on the other hand, break down the soil and extract the slurry simultaneously, so when the digging work is complete, the jobsite is left completely clean and ready for the next construction process.
  • Duration – the hydro vac process by https://www.hydrodig.com/calgary/ is known to be the fastest excavation method used today, faster than digging with the help of conventional excavators.