Hydrovac Helps Protect Underground Pipelines

Pipeline Services No Digging Hydrovac Protection

Underground pipelines are an integral part of the infrastructure of the modern society. Deep excavations or other projects related to underground structures with different functions suppose the execution of earth support systems that delimit the excavation from very near neighboring constructions, sometimes even next to the limit of properties and frequently below the level of the groundwater.

There are many sources of risk that may have unfavorable consequences, either on the constructions and utilities in the vicinity of the site, or on the different works that contribute to the excavation, by restrictive conditions regarding the deformations, by creating overloads.

Hydrovac is a non-destructive excavation method. Vacuum trucks are equipped with high pressure water (which can also be heated to ensure efficiency  during the winter months) to help break down even the most difficult soils, which can then be removed using the high volume vacuum system, without causing undesirable damage. This technique of pipeline services is widely accepted as the safest method of locating and exposing power cables, communication lines or underground pipelines (sewerage, gas etc.).

Vacuum excavation is identified as the most secure and efficient, respectively the most economical in terms of both time and costs, from the point of view of progress and maintenance of modern urbanism.