Hydro Excavation vs. Winter: Does Snow and Ice Impact Excavation?

Excavation Processed in Winter

While regular excavators are very difficult to use in the snow and in the cold, harsh environment of winter, hydro excavation is considered by many to be an excellent alternative. Even though there are misconceptions about whether or not a hydro excavator can even cope with the hardened, frozen soil in some areas, this isn’t usually anything to worry about.


Snow does impact hydro excavation quite a bit. After all, the tougher and colder ground will require added energy and more water to get through. So you will need to get your hydro excavator winter-ready. However, aside from that and making sure you call 811 (as always, before embarking on a difficult excavation project), all you have to do is sit back and enjoy as the excavator gets through the earth and leaves your holes and trenches exactly as you want them.


Because hydro excavation uses hot water under pressure, it will only be a matter of time before the job is completed, and you’ll find that the hydro excavation Colorado does gets it done faster than any other method. The challenge will be for the technician to keep the excavator in peak working condition all the way until the project is completed. For that purpose, coolant and antifreeze levels need to be in the green, the water and hydraulic oil should work at peak efficiency and the fuel filters will have to be changed on a regular basis.