How Vacuum Excavation Can Accelerate Your Construction Project

Vacuum And Water Excavation And Construction

Vacuum excavation is a very safe method for digging which uses pressurized air or water and also suctions the earth to clear the area. It works very well in different types of soil (clay, gravel and even frozen soil) and has various uses:

  • Locating buried lines
  • Excavating below and existing building
  • Clearing out construction debris
  • Geotechnical drilling
  • Surveying
  • Precision trench digging
  • Cleaning valve boxes etc.

Vacuum excavation is also referred as soft digging. The high pressure air or water is powerful but there is no risk of damaging underground utility lines and pipes. Besides, digging for underground utilities does not require disturbing a large amount of soil anymore, the work space remains clear and workers stay above the ground. Vacuum excavation is also faster than traditional excavation, which will accelerate your construction project and increase safety. It is also very cost effective and enables excavated material to be reused. It is very precise, leading to less restoration, and uses less manpower.

The equipment used in the vacuum and water excavation process is handled by trained technicians; it is compact, takes up less space than traditional equipment and causes significantly less disruption to traffic.

With hydro excavation, you will reduce the occurrence of extra costs and delays associated with encountering latent subsurface conditions.