How to Use Vacuum Excavation for Potholing
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Potholing is a construction method used for investigating the location of buried utilities. It consists of digging exploratory holes in order to confirm the location of utility lines and other structures within the defined construction area, or to examine the utilities’ condition.

Potholing is essential in both the construction and maintenance phases because it ensures that there are no conflicts that may result in damage to the existing structures.

The vacuum excavation services Denver performs is the most convenient procedure used for potholing because it is noninvasive, and therefore will cause no damage to buried pipelines and other utilities. It allows the performance of test holes (6 to 12 inches deep), along the line where contractors plan to dig. Then the soil is vacuumed into a special tank until the line is partially uncovered. It is worth mentioning that there are vacuum excavation trucks of different sizes and with different capacity tanks to fit the size of any job.

The operation of a vacuum truck requires qualified operators who have been properly trained. They can do the most accurate excavating job, especially when they combine their skills with charts and utility maps. Additionally, their experience is essential for avoiding — if not eliminating! — the following: damage to the underground lines, equipment damage, outages and service interruption, liability issues, costly repairs and life-threatening accidents.