How To Save Some Money On A Construction Project By Using Hydro Excavation

Money Saving Hydrodig Excavation Construction Services

Using hydro excavation is typically more expensive than a using a common excavator, if we take into account exclusively the excavation work. However, damaging underground utilities is a big risk when you opt for traditional excavation, and the costs can be prohibitive to a project. Vacuum excavation mitigates that risk, and digging safely and efficiently will pay off in the long run.

The good news is that you can save money even further, by finding more concrete ways to reduce the cost of hydro excavation.

Opt for the soil transfer system instead of the material disposal

The material a hydrovac truck gathers during an excavation process is liquefied, heavy, bulky and very costly to dispose. To reduce costs, you can opt for soil transfer system, which speeds up the process of digging and returning the soil to useable fill.

Choose a productive hydrovac truck

Not all trucks are the same and you will have to think less about the hourly rate and more about truck`s productivity (its capacity to accomplish a task faster).

You can dig all year round

With a hydrovac from Hydrodig of Denver, you will not have to worry about the money you lose during downtime periods, for example when the soil is frozen. The special features of a hydrovac truck allow experts to perform excavation during any season.