How to Fix a Burst Underground Pipe

Fixing a burst underground pipe is usually a job for utility digging Denver professionals, and there are some basic steps they might take. First of all, they need to locate the leak, and for that, they use some specialized equipment.

They excavate the area carefully, so as to expose the damaged section of the underground pipe. To do that, they usually have to turn off the water supply, and thus avoid further leakage. And, of course, a team of experts usually inspects the damage, in order to assess it and determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.

After that, they typically remove the broken or damaged portion of the pipe and prepare it for repair. They clean and arrange the ends of the remaining pipe to ensure a secure connection. At the same time, they use a coupling to join the existing pipe with a new section, or replace the damaged portion entirely.

These specialists need to make sure that the connection is tight, so there will be no leaks in the near future. And then they turn the water supply back on and check again for any leaks. And, finally, they fill the hole with soil and compact it to restore the ground surface.