How to Choose the Right Hydrovac Company for Your Project

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Hydrovac, also known as hydro excavation, is the technology used for digging trenches and for moving soil in a safe and efficient way, even in areas that are dangerous or impossible to excavate in because of the existent of underground utilities or for other reasons. There are many companies that offer Dallas hydrovac services – here are some factors to have in mind when hiring one of them for your project:

  • Safety policies – one of the most important features of hydrovac technology is safety, but the operator who handles the powerful hydrovac machine also needs to follow very strict protocols. When you interview a hydrovac company, ask to be shown relevant documents to see how safely the company works;
  • Rates – not all hydrovac companies work for the same rates, so it is a good idea to contact at least three of them to request cost estimates. Evaluate the estimates not only in terms of the total price – consider work quality as well;
  • Experience and reputation – look for a company that has completed several projects of the type that you need hydrovac for and that uses state-of-the-art machinery and check the company’s reputation for reliability, accuracy, punctuality and honesty as well – these qualities are just as important as high-performance machines.