How Potholing Can Help Your Excavation Project
Potholing Construction Site Burying Underground Utilities Pipes

When you’re investing in a construction project or working on adding more buildings to your property, it’s essential to prevent added expenses. However, as most construction project require excavation for foundation work and as part of adding necessary utilities to the building, it can happen that your excavator would hit an undocumented underground utility line that’s already running through your property.

This is where potholing comes in. The process of potholing involves high precision drilling and excavation on a small area, directed purposefully to find underground utility lines such as electric lines, internet cables, water pipes, gas pipes or sewer pipes. Hitting any of these lines with a conventional excavator can lead to property damage, and you might also be required to cover the damages for any neighbors who are using the utility line that was damaged.

Hydrovac is an excellent excavation method for potholing. It can deal with hardened soil very easily and dig precise potholes that can then be used to detect utility lines in the area. Once the potholes are ready, finding a workaround such as disconnecting or rerouting the utility lines in question will no longer be an issue. As a result, your construction project will likely not suffer any significant delays, and you’ll be back on track digging the foundation for your new building in no time.