How Much Work Can a Hydrovac Truck Do in One Day?

Knowing how much work a Hydrodig hydrovac truck can do in just one day is very important because it helps you better estimate the duration of your project and other vital details. Larger hydrovac trucks typically have more incredible suction and water jetting capabilities, allowing them to complete jobs quickly. The capacity of the debris tank also affects how often the truck needs to stop and offload material.

The type and condition of the soil being excavated can impact the speed of the hydrovac operation. Softer soils may be excavated more quickly than compacted soils. At the same time, deeper excavations generally take longer, as the hydrovac truck may need multiple passes to reach the desired depth while maintaining safety standards.

The ease of access to the excavation site and the overall site conditions can affect the efficiency of the hydrovac operation. Difficult terrain or tight spaces may slow down the process. The skill and experience of the hydrovac truck operator can significantly influence productivity. A skilled operator is likely to work more efficiently and safely.

Moreover, because you must adhere to safety and environmental regulations, you may have to take some additional steps or precautions that can affect the overall speed of the project.