How Much Will Hydro Excavation Speed Up Your Digging Process?
Speed Up Dig Time Hydrovac

Hydro excavation uses high-capacity trucks that deliver pressurized water to create the trenches and holes needed during the construction project and vacuum to extract the slurry and to deposit the waste safely in a hold tank. One of the features that makes the technique so much sought for is efficiency – here is how hydrovac can speed up any digging process:

  • Quick moving of the soil – the technology makes soil moving quicker than with any other digging technique, reducing the amount of time needed for the process by days in the case of large excavation processes;
  • Quick removal of the waste – hydrovac machines move the soil and extract the slurry simultaneously, which means that there is no to separate the two phases;
  • No need for additional explorations to reveal hidden utilities – utility strikes are a common cause of construction accidents. Hydrovac eliminates the risk of such events by moving the soil in a highly efficient, but non-invasive way, which means that the method can contribute to the significant reduction of the overall duration of the digging phase by not requiring additional sampling and potholing;
  • An environment-friendly option – hydrovac Clagary offers reduces area disruption, which means less time spend on restoration after the digging is complete.